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Bricklin Scottsdale Police Cars

The 3 Bricklin Scottsdale Police Cars

For years there have been questions about the 3 Bricklin Scottsdale Police Cars, and which VIN Numbers they were. Years ago, I asked Rich Haines if he knew the VIN Numbers of the 3 Scottsdale Police Cars. He told me he only knew one: VIN 588. Kerry Stark has been doing exhaustive research on the 3 Bricklin Scottsdale Police Cars, and has come up with fantastic information !!! ( I never thought this would be solved ! ) 

As can be gathered, there were supposed to be 5 Scottsdale Police Car Bricklins. However the number was reduced to 3 Police Car Bricklins. Subject to human error, the VIN Numbers of the 3 Scottsdale Police Car Bricklins were VIN's:




The VIN numbers of the other 2 originally scheduled to be Scottsdale Bricklin Police Cars, but not taken up were VIN's:



All 5 VIN Bricklins were 1974 Safety White Bricklins, with an Automatic Transmission. Perfect for a Police Car. Shown here are photos / documentation of the 5 Bricklins. The 3 Bricklins used were labeled on the side: TEAM 1, TEAM 2, and TEAM 3. It is not known which TEAM numbers were assigned to which VIN SPD Bricklin. Although searched for, the only one to be found to this point, is VIN 588, which Kerry Stark purchased, and has been restored look the way it looked in 1975, when it served for the Scottsdale, Arizona, Police Department. Most photos are via / courtesy of Kerry Stark.

Referencing the Bangor Daily News, December 27, 1974, Captain Gannon of the Scottsdale Police Department ( See reference in the documentation ); the idea early on, had all 5 Bricklins been delivered, was to fully deck out 3 of the SPD Bricklins as regular Police cruisers, and the other 2 left as unmarked vehicles used by administration officers. However the 2 unmarked SPD Bricklins never materialized, only the 3 Police Cruisers.

The 3 Scottsdale Bricklin Police cars reportedly arrived on March 21, 1975, April 11, 1975, and on April 18, 1975. The 3 Bricklins were leased to the Scottsdale Police Department for $1.00 a year each. The 3 SPD Bricklin SV-1 Police cars were no longer in service by

late December 1975. 


In case you are wondering about the beacon light used on the Bricklin Police Cars, it is a Whelen Model 5000 PA. Almost impossible to find. Kerry says it was more work locating a Whelen 5000 PA for the restoration of VIN 588,  than locating VIN 588 itself !!!  Many thanks to Kerry Stark, and Rich Haines for making this page possible, and finally solving the mystery of the VIN Numbers of the Bricklin Scottsdale Police Cars.

Does anyone know where VIN's 406, 593, and the 2 not taken up, 538 and 585 are ?  If so please contact me:

Randy Poulos : email contact can be found at the bottom of the 1st Page of this site.   

In addition, if you happen to have any photos of the Scottsdale Police Department Bricklins, and would like to share them, or any other information about them, please contact me via email.      

IMPORTANT NOTE: Click on any of the photos to enlarge for further inspection - some will enlarge.






Team 2 Scottsdale Police Car (SPD), circa 1975

SPD Bricklin Front Right Quarter , circa 1975

SPD Bricklin Front View , circa 1975

Bricklin VIN 588 in the 21st Century

VIN 588 - note lack of Bricklin emblems

TEAM 2 SPD Bricklin - left rear quarter view , circa 1975

VIN 588 left rear quarter view - note white paint on rear bumper peeling with white paint under the black paint, where the black paint has come off.

VIN 588 Dash post police car.

VIN 588 seat and arm rest post police work - interior upholstery has been modified from original

SPD documentation Page 1.

SPD documentation Page 2.

SPD documentation Page 3.

SPD documentation Page 4. Note hand written VIN Numbers used on the right side of the letter.

The TEAM 2 Scottsdale Police Department carried the Arizona Municipal Vehicle license plate: LG-1553. It is not known which license plate numbers were assigned to the TEAM 1 and TEAM 3 SPD Bricklins. Excellent reproduction plate shown here for authentic display purposes.

Poor quality image of the TEAM 1 Bricklin. Despite the quality, it can be seen that the TEAM 1 Bricklin has the elongated "B" emblems and possibly the "SV1" stickers on the front fenders, unlike the TEAM 2 Bricklin which were removed. Modified / edited, this is 1 of possibly 2 known surviving image of the TEAM 1 Bricklin, at the moment.

Whelen 5000 PA appears NOS and ready to install on VIN 588.

Another view of the Whelen 5000 PA

7-15-2014, VIN 588 arrives at the restoration facility

VIN 588 original door data plate

Traces of blue paint from its' time as a Scottsdale Police Car

More traces of blue paint underneath...

Showing that the rear bumper was painted all white at the time 588 served with the SPD

Engine compartment prior to restoration

Dash & interior prioir to restoration

Drivers side prior to restoration

VIN 588 front view prior to restoration

Front bumper showing traces of blue paint

Original VIN 588 roof panel with bondo removed show mounting holes for the Whelen 5000 PA and antenna

Close up of the original mounting holes for the Whelen 5000 PA

Close up of the original mounting holes for the antenna