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About Me

Randy Poulos has been a long time Bricklin SV-1 Enthusiast. Even as he was buying his first Bricklin SV-1, his eyes were drawn to the data plate on the door of the car. He acquired VIN 1850 in 1977, and VIN 322 in 1979. Recognizing the need for a historical foundation for the Bricklin SV-1, He started recording Bricklin VIN numbers in 1977. As the years passed, better information came along, and finally culminated on the site you are viewing right now.

Randy spent 10 years on the volunteer staff, at Blackbird Airpark, Plant 42, Palmdale, California, retiring from the program in December, 2007. During those 10 years he is estimated to have put well over 750 hours into the museum. Blackbird Airpark, is an annex of the Air Force Flight Test Center (AFFTC) Museum located at Edwards Air Force Base. As a Docent, he educated the public about the Lockheed A-12, SR-71, YF-12A, and M-21 / D-21 Blackbirds. In addition he was part time keeper of the first of 13 Lockheed A-12 Blackbirds built: tail number 06924 / Lockheed Build Number 121, the 24th of 32 Lockheed SR-71 Blackbirds built: tail number 17973 / Lockheed Build Number 2024, the 25th of 39 Lockheed D-21 Drones built: No. 525, and the U-2D; tail number 66721  ( For more information on the Lockheed Blackbirds see: )  

A lifelong airplane, ship, and car enthusiast, Randy is in the Book: Bassett Lowke Waterline Ship Models,  by Derek Head (1996). In addition to this Bricklin SV-1 site, he also maintains the following internet site that covers the following Aircraft: Sikorsky VS-44A, Sikorsky S-39, and Grumman G-73 Mallard at : 


The SR-71's were retired in 1990 initally. The home of the SR-71 was at Beale Air Force Base 

in northern, California. Two of the forward operating locations for the SR-71 were at Kadena 

Air Force Base, Okinawa, Japan, and Royal Air Force Base, Mildenhall, England. The link below 

shows the preperation and departure of the last SR-71 to leave Okinawa, Japan. The SR-71 is 

the 13th SR-71 built, Lockheed Build number 2013, tail number 17962. 

The date is January 21, 1990. SR-71 takeoffs were a stop what you're doing and watch event.   


Last SR-71 Flight out of Okinawa, January 21, 1990









Photo left: Items from the 20th and 21st centuries...

This photo could have been taken in a 1959 Nashua House Trailer... but it wasn't. 

Photo left: Fictional Restaurant / Taco Stand / grill sign. Original design dates to the mid - late 1970's.

I'll take one fictional taco please... hold the tomatoes.  

Bricklin SV-1 Build History Site keyboard ready for action ...

This is my "type" of computer keyboard... the pun was intended.  

This is a rare brief glimpse, at some of the 21st century technological equipment 

used on this site, to try to bring you quality Bricklin SV-1 information.

The inner workings of this site try to remain as unavailable, 

as an aviation desert test site somewhere in the state of Nevada, or New Mexico.  

Now where did I leave my tickets for an airline that flys Boeing 737's 

out of Las Vegas...  Hmmm... 

An abandoned Missile Alert Facility

on the plains somewhere in North Dakota would be a desirable future location for 

the headquarters of this Bricklin Build History website. 

Fun Stuff

For years when I go grocery shopping or to a resturant, I ask if they have square eggs,  only 

to be told: no. I was introduced to square eggs by watching the Green Acres TV Show. 

See:  Season 2, Episode 44, A Square is not Round. First aired on CBS, December 14, 1966. 

Well with the advent of 3D printing, in the 21st century, I finally got some square eggs !!! 

The picture to the left shows 3 uncracked square eggs, 1 jumbo square egg, and 3 cracked 

square eggs, with the shells. The middle and square egg to the right, are shown as cooked 

over easy, with the egg white, and yellow yolk, sqaure as they should be. It would not make any 

sense to have a square yellow yolk from a round egg, as you would not eggsspect a square egg 

to have round yellow yolk. This should be fundamentally taught in Egg Technology 101 class. 

Now the egg to the left with the semi clear egg white, with the square yellow yolk, represents the 

egg that has just come out of the square shell, uncooked. In the Green Acres episode they are trying 

to figure out which chicken is laying the square eggs. Well Eb comes up with the idea that it should 

not be too difficult... just look for a square chicken...  Well I don't want to name any names, but the 

square chicken in the picture looks like a well rounded square chicken to me. This is really Eggciting

to me !!!  Although I can't eat the square eggs, I now have square eggs in my life. Just think... if they 

can make edible square eggs someday, no more eggs rolling off the table or counter, and falling on the floor. 

This could really be a revolution in the egg industry !!!  This is an idea that it's all cracked up to be ! 

People that were afraid to eat round eggs, might start coming out of their shell. There might be square egg 

conventions all across the Nation !!! Of course with anything that is valuable, there might be 

brawls in saloons like in the old west of the 1800's, over square eggs. This would give new meaning to the term: 

a good square meal ! Square Eggs could be used in business to square up a business deal !  Imagine that ! 

Of all the Imperial Russian Faberge Eggs made in the late 1800's to the early 20th century, I do not think that 

there was a single Square Egg made !!!  But then again, they did not have the advantage of watching Green Acres on TV.  

Eggs Benedict is one of my favorite things to eat. Back in the late 1980's - early 1990's there was a resturant 

that served the best variation of eggs benedict I ever had. It was called: The Great Reef. Best Hollandaise Sauce, 

and instead of Canadian bacon or ham, crab meat was substituted. I am a big fan of eggs - though it might be hard 

to tell. During baseball season, some stadiums have a Bark in the Park Day, where fans can bring their dogs to 

baseball games. Maybe someday they will have a Bok in the Park Day, where you can bring your chickens square 

or round to baseball games. Then again maybe not - I think one reason they do not allow chickens at baseball games, 

is that it might make the pitchers BOK, and the batters hit FOWL balls.... ( Pun Intended ) 


3D printing courtesy of Rob Jones at  .  He has done a number of projects for me 

over the years, and his work is always the very best... or should I say for this project: EGGCELLENT !!!