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American Economic Viewpoint:

As I see it:

America's best years historically from an economic standpoint were from 1946 to the late 1960's - early 1970's. The jobs were good paying, plentiful, and ,most things were made to last - goods were made in America... the USA !!!. A father figure to me, and good friend, now in his 90's told me back then he was able to change jobs 2 or 3 times in a week, and increase his pay each time. A college degree was a ticket to a good paying job at the time. 

Shame on American companies for sending good paying American jobs overseas, and economically betraying the United States workers of their own country, for decades now. This amounts to economic treason of American workers.  Just because something is legal, does not make it necessarily right.

If the the leaders of American companies, are so set on saving a few dollars, they can "outsource" their own high paying jobs, to a foreign country, and save the company even more money, and move the wealthy USA headquartes to a foreign country. I'm certain there are people overseas who would be willing to do their high paying jobs for a small fraction of what they are getting paid, and probably willing to work in a shack.

I recently read in an article, that around 1964 the largest employer in the USA was General Motors, which paid their empoyees around $50 an hour ( equivalent in 2014 dollars ). In 2014 the largest employer, Wal-Mart paid their employees about $8 and hour. In 1964 keep in mind those cars were made in America. In 2014 keep in mind many of the things Wal-Mart sells come from overseas. If you are not appalled by this, you should be.      

Some examples:  "Assembled in the USA",  does not necessarily mean it is entirely: Made in The USA. When you need to call for service, ask: what country are you talking to ? If it is not the USA, then ask for someone in the USA. When buying food / groceries, make sure it is a product of the USA. Folks, you need to take care of your own people in the USA, before you can help the rest of the world. I don't know if there are any other countries on earth, that would take care of people in other countries, before taking care of their own. I really should not have to say this, it should be good, common, American ethics, instilled from our parents. If it did not come from our parents, then it should be plain, obvious, American common sense in all of us Americans.

The current economic situation in the USA is not the America, Americans of my generation grew up believing in.

When I was college, over 30 years ago, one of my Economics professors was talking about the Great Depression of the 1930's. As I recall, he said that steps were taken to insure that it never happens again. Well, when I graduated from college in 1982, there was a big recession going on. It took me 2 years for find a decent job. Even worse, is what is referred to as the "Great Recession" starting in 2008. To me, it is a depression and we are still in it. I do not think the mainstream media will refer to it as a "Depression", so as not to exacerbate a situation that is very bad.    

My own work career was affected by this - a big negative impact for me personally. Folks: take a few minutes to watch the following video. When you can, buy goods made in the USA / America. If a good or service is not American, then ask for it. If you don't take care of the people in your own country, America / the USA loses big time.



Addendum: This page was written, as I recall, years before 2015. Although the United States Economic Situation has improved, in the last few years, there is still much to be done.   

The link to video above no longer works. As I recall, the video was removed in 2016 or later. The video was about how to create 1 million new jobs for Americans by just buying one more American made product.

With the current Administration, millions more American jobs have been created. August 29, 2019.