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This part is made with the attempt to be user friendly. Each production Bricklin is listed as originally built, and includes the number of the car, followed by the color and transmission type, using the factory codes on the home page. If you find an error please contact me. Prior to the production Bricklins, the first Bricklin was the " Gray Ghost " . This is believed to have been followed by 8 prototype Bricklins. The assembly line held 32 cars at a time in various stages of assembly. VIN 0001 was launched down the assembly line on June 24, 1974. The final operating day for Bricklin Canada Ltd., was September 23, 1975.


Quick Reference:

Color: 1 - Safety Red, 2 - Safety Green, 3 - Safety Orange, 4 - Safety White, 5 - Safety Suntan

Transmission: 1974 - A = Automatic, B = 4-Speed. 1975 and 1976 - X = Automatic.

Examples: 0002 Orange Automatic, 0417 Suntan 4-Speed, 0806 White Automatic, 2887 Suntan Automatic.

0001-5A, 0002-3A, 0003 - 0008-4A, 0009-2A, 0010-0021-4A, 0022-2A, 0023-3A, 0024-4A, 0025-2A, 0026-0029-4A, 0030-2A, 0031-3A, 0032-0034-2A, 0035-0037-4A, 0038-3A, 0039-0040-2A, 0041-3A, 0042-1A, 0043-2A, 0044-3A, 0045-2A, 0046-1A, 0047-2A, 0048-0051-1A, 0052-2A, 0053-1A, 0054-2A, 0055-0063-1A, 0064-0065-2A, 0066-0072-1A, 0073-0080-5A, 0081-2A, 0082-0083-1A, 0084-0092-5A, 0093-0094-2A, 0095-5A, 0096-0102-2A, 0103-0104-1A, 0105-0111-5A, 0112-0115-1A, 0116-0117-5A, 0118-0132-1A, 0133-0138-4A, 0139-1A, 0140-0141-5A, 0142-1A, 0143-0152-4A, 0153-0167-1A, 0168-0192-4A, 0193-0194-5A, 0195-1A, 0196-2A, 0197-3A, 0198-4A, 0199-0221-5A, 0222-5B, 0223-0239-5A, 0240-270-3A, 0271-0310-2A, 0311-0314-4A, 0315-5A, 0316-0319-2A, 0320-0321-5A, 0322-5B, 0323-0324-5A, 0325-5B, 0326-0327-5A, 0328-5B, 0329-0330-5A, 0331-5B, 0332-0333-5A, 0334-5B, 0335-0336-5A, 0337-5B, 0338-0339-5A, 0340-5B, 0341-0342-5A, 0343-5B, 0344-0345-5A, 0346-5B, 0347-0348-5A, 0349-5B, 0350-0351-5A, 0352-5B, 0353-0354-5A, 0355-5B, 0356-0357-5A, 0358-5B, 0359-0360-2A, 0361-2B, 0362-0363-2A, 0364-2B, 0365-0366-2A, 0367-2B, 0368-0369-2A, 0370-2B, 0371-0372-2A, 0373-2B, 0374-0375-2A, 0376-2B, 0377-0378-2A, 0379-2B, 0380-0381-2A, 0382-2B, 0383-384-2A, 0385-2B, 0386-0387-2A, 0388-2B, 0389-0390-2A, 0391-2B, 0392-2A, 0393-4A, 0394-4B, 0395-0396-4A, 0397-4B, 0398-0399-4A, 0400-4B, 0401-0402-1A, 0403-1B, 0404-4A, 0405-4B, 0406-0407-4A, 0408-4B, 0409-0410-4A, 0411-4B, 0412-0413-4A, 0414-2B, 0415-2A, 0416-5A, 0417-5B, 0418-0419-5A, 0420-5B, 0421-0422-4A, 0423-4B, 0424-0425-4A, 0426-4B, 0427-0428-2A, 0429-5B, 0430-0431-5A, 0432-4B, 0433-0434-4A, 0435-4B, 0436-0437-4A, 0438-4B, 0439-0440-4A, 0441-4B, 0442-0443-4A, 0444-4B, 0445-0446-4A, 0447-4B, 0448-0449-4A, 0450-4B, 0451-0452-4A, 0453-4B, 0454-0455-4A, 0456-4B, 0457-0458-4A, 0459-4B, 0460-0461-4A, 0462-4B, 0463-0464-4A, 0465-4B, 0466-0467-4A, 0468-4B, 0469-0470-4A, 0471-4B, 0472-0473-4A, 0474-4B, 0475-0477-4A, 0478-4B, 0479-4A, 0480-2A, 0481-2B, 0482-0483-4A, 0484-4B, 0485-0486-4A, 0487-4B, 0488-0489-4A, 0490-4B, 0491-0492-4A, 0493-4B, 0494-4A, 0495-4B, 0496-0503-4A, 0504-0505-3A, 0506-0508-4A, 0509-0515-3A, 0516-0517-4A, 0518-519-3A, 0520-0521-4A, 0522-0526-3A, 0527-0528-1A, 0529-4A, 0530-1A, 0531-0537-3A, 0538-4A, 0539-0540-1A, 0541-0558-3A, 0559-4A, 0560-0584-3A, 0585-0586-4A, 0587-3A, 0588-0596-4A, 0597-0607-3A, 0608-0610-4A, 0611-0615-3A, 0616-0625-3B, 0626-0634-4B, 0635-0646-4A, 0647-0648-4B, 0649-4A, 0650-4B, 0651-0696-4A, 0697-0712-4B, 0713-4A, 0714-0771-4B, 0772-4A, 0773-0780 - NOT BUILT. TOTAL: 772.


0781-0794-4X, 0795-0801-1X, 0802-0815-4X, 0816-0887-1X, 0888-0929-4X, 0930-0931-1X, 0932-0947-4X, 0948-0950-1X, 0951-0974-4X, 0975-0977-5X, 0978-0979-4X, 0980-1053-5X, 1054-1130-3X, 1131-1132-2X, 1133-3X, 1134-1147-2X, 1148-1150-5X, 1151-1212-2X, 1213-1294-1X, 1295-2X, 1296-1297-1X, 1298-1335-5X, 1336-1622-4X, 1623-1786-3X, 1787-1788-4X, 1789-3X, 1790-1791-4X, 1792-1857-3X, 1858-2X, 1859-1861-3X, 1862-1868 2X, 1869 3X, 1870-1981-2X, 1982-2220-4X, 2221-2238-3X, 2239-2240-4X, 2241-2246-3X, 2247-2251-4X, 2252-2431-3X, 2432-2531-4X, 2532-2563-3X, 2564-2719-1X, 2720-2810-4X, 2811-2880-5X. Total: 2100.


2881-1X, 2882-4X, 2883-2913-5X, 2914-2X. Total: 34. Note: No Orange 1976 Bricklins are know to have been built.